Are you aware of the major hindrance that many people like you have when it comes to saving more money? It is you. Yes, you! You are the only one holding yourself back from increased savings. One of the best solutions is tricking yourself. Make it a game instead of making it so serious all the time. Below are several tricky ways you can do this.


Weekly Challenge

Take a weekly challenge and stick with it for 52 weeks. Don’t veer off from it. Let’s say it is the first day of the month, put a dollar in your piggy bank or even in a savings account. Based on the number of weeks in the month, it will determine the amount saved. But for this example, let’s say the month has four weeks, the total will be $4 each month and for 12 months, that is $48. While $48 does not seem like a lot, you wouldn’t have had that amount without starting somewhere. Increase the $1 per week to $10 per week and increase your savings to $480 per year. Sounds better? Yes, make it a game. Play with the numbers by increasing the weekly amount when you can.


Use Grocery Store Savings

Usually when you go the grocery store, your receipt will have how much you have saved each time. If the receipt indicates that your savings is $25, for example, take that amount and put in your savings. Many grocery stores provide you with a loyalty card, which gives you even more savings. Make sure you use it. You can also get the family involved in cutting coupons for even more savings.


Save the Coins

Every time you have loose change, don’t spend them. Drop them in your piggy bank or coin jar.  Use only dollar bills. You would be surprised how much you could save by doing just this one thing. Make sure that your piggy bank or coin jar sits somewhere visible.


Reward Points

Many creditors and financial institutions offer reward points, if you make purchases. Believe it or not, your savings can increase substantially with such programs. Take advantage of as many of them as are offered.


Pay Yourself

Reward yourself after you have paid off a loan. The same amount that you had to pay on your auto loan, for example, and it has been paid off can go into a savings account. Yes, keep making those loan payments, but instead of making it to the auto dealer, make it to yourself. Do the same with any cash that you find yourself with.


Lifestyle Changes

Make lifestyle changes. After you make it a habit, you won’t miss it. What does that mean? Let’s say you love to go out to dinner three times a week with friends. Instead of going three times, cut it down to one. Then the next two days, you and your friends switch hosting the dinner at your respective homes. Make it a pot luck dinner so it can be more interesting. You will save a lot by making the switch.


The Bottom Line

It is not difficult to save money and it does not have to be a boring or arduous process. You can make it interesting and fun by applying the tips given here.